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Duality - WTF is it? Featured

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Duality. What is it? What does it mean? What are others talking about when they speak of duality. If you’re new to studying metaphysics or maybe even if you have been around for a while you aren’t entirely sure what other people mean by duality.

Sometimes just when you think you know what duality is, someone talks about it in a way that defies your understanding of the word. There are three very different ideas that people rally behind when they speak of duality. And to make matters worse, sometimes people don’t clarify which meaning they intended to use.

For instance, let’s say we’re having a discussion and someone says, “That’s some duality based thinking there…” And that’s it. You look at them, hoping that some realization of their intended meaning blossoms within your mind like a white hot bomb going off. Or at the very least you hope they follow that up with a comment to undangle the dangling participle. Instead you mind remains cool and dark, unillumined and groping in the dark for an understanding and they just leer at you expecting some response. It doesn’t matter what was said before this, what did they mean? Because they certainly didn’t provide enough context to understand the comment from anything but your own default perception of the phrase.

Never fear, I am here. This is really simple to understand. Though understanding their meaning without asking them what they mean specifically just won’t happen.

The first and most common is that something is split into two different polarities. And when these people talk about moving out of duality consciousness, they are talking about resolving/dissolving the duality into a singularity. Dissolving anger, hate, fear and the like into love, acceptance, compassion and so forth. This is paradoxically both hard and easy to achieve. And I’ll probably cover that in another article.

The second most common is the concept of you and I being not you and I as separate beings, but we are really one singular being pretending to be multiple beings that are disconnected and isolated from one another. The idea is to see that we are all one and the same; and that through this unity we are all connected. Through this connection, we are all affected by the same issues. In a very abstract way, the goal is to recognize that what helps you helps me, and what hurts you in turn also hurts me to because we are all one unified being. Therefore it is better to realize that we are all one being and live from this perception than from the perception of disconnection from everyone else.

The third and least common idea is that there is no duality in the sense of two different polarities, there is a multiplicity or a spectrum between the two poles. In essence, there is no duality because there are many more options than just two.

Those are our three meanings to the word duality: polarities, unity, and spectrum/multiplicity. Now you should have a better understanding of the phrase based on the context clues the other person is giving.

Which one is the right position to hold personally? All of them... Which I guess means ultimately multiplicity is the winner, in a joking sense.

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