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Magick use in daily life: Part 1 Featured

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At some point a lot of us that have an interest in magick have to stop and deal with our personal ethics surrounding the use of magick. It is my hope that most of us are practicing magick in a safe and ethical way that is appropriate for the modern world. That said, there can still linger issues surrounding the ethical use of magick. For those of you not having to deal with this, good for you and I encourage you to keep at it. If you are experiencing this personal dilemma, I hope you will find this combination of rant and manifesto - albeit a short one - helpful in persuading you and/or giving you permission to utilize magick as often as you can and performing other practices to empower yourself.

We are raised in a world where we are taught overtly and covertly to be good, to not cheat and to play honestly and fairly. You are told this as a social control mechanism. If everyone was encouraged to do whatever they wanted, complete anarchy would ensue. I think we all know this and understand this to be true.

But for those of us that have a penchant for magick, playing by the rules is not something we wanna do. Especially if we are aware of how the system - society at large - is rigged and stacked against us. Advertisements everywhere telling us we are not enough. News articles saying the same thing. Marketers utilizing billions of dollars of research in finding out how to influence us. How to apply the right subtle suggestions. How to tantalize the senses on a subconscious level to motivate us to tune in, buy up and drop out. And I do not blame society… Do not get me wrong. Most of these people are all doing what they feel they need to do to survive under the current paradigm to make money to feed, clothe, house and generally provide for themselves and their loved ones. (I do have a problem with the oligarchy, but that does not belong here and it is a separate subject.) The point is, we are constantly bombarded day in, day out with attempts to influence us. They exert their power over you to influence and control you for their own benefit. I am not trying to play to the idea of a vast grand global conspiracy. I think what is happening is much more organic than that. And this is not even delving into the metaphysical collective unconscious aspect of reality, which is even more subtle and powerful to influence us without our even being aware of it.

Practicing magick and doing healing work in regard to this system is both an act of rebellion and an act of empowerment. As you study magick, you become aware of how - because of the intrinsic nature of magick to our reality - magick is being used against you every day.

If you were assaulted on a daily basis from the moment you woke up to the moment you went to sleep, someone walking up and punching you every five minutes, you would find something to do about it. You would call the police, take self defense lessons, or something. And yet, in a less than so obvious way, each and every one of us is assaulted. We are battered and beaten into buying something, thinking something, listening to something. Our very value to society at large is considered based on our ability to produce “value” for the economy and our ability to buy/consume things.

Does it not make sense to find ways to defend ourselves from this? Or at the very least level the playing field at least a little? Magick allows us to do that.

With magick we can overcome all the noise, negative influences and claim our freedom.

And then there is the completely metaphysical aspect of the situation. Everything we do, be it a conscious or unconscious act is an act of magick. Taking a breath is an act of magick. It is expending the will and the desire to live. Walking from one spot to another is expressing the will to move and expecting it to happen. We are magick incarnate. As I said above, magick is intrinsic to our very existence. So whether you want to “play fair” or “not” you are already practicing magick.

Instead of ignoring your inherent magickal ability to influence reality and manifest what you want, embrace it. Open yourself up to a new world of possibility by resolving the entirety of your being to perform every act with all of the skills both magickal and mundane to create what we desire most.

If your options are go big or go home, is that even a choice? After all, why incarnate into this life if you are not going to do the very best that you can do? Screw going home. You came here to be big. You came here to do something with all of your being. You came to experience everything that life has to offer you and it is your inherent right and even a divine decree to do everything with all the magickal awareness and certitude you can muster.

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