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I would like to share with you how to channel energy and give you the nitty-gritty of doing so, including Reiki. This article is my best attempt to explain the process and to breakdown reiki and it’s attunements so that you can proceed as you see fit.

Channeling energy is a very easy thing to do and anyone can do it with only a few minutes worth of training. It’s not hard and it takes nothing out of anyone to do. You can channel energy into a person, a place, an object or even an abstract problem. For the purposes of this article I will talk about channeling energy into a person to help heal a problem they are experiencing. 

Back when I was going through massage therapy school my primary instructor offered to give me reiki and seichem attunements. I took him up on the offer and am thankful that they were free since I had to “break” the attunements in order for me to work the way that I do. Also immediately after the attunement happened, my intuition was firing off hardcore as some being higher up was explaining to me what energy channeling was and how I didn’t need to go through this “attunement process.”

How hard is it to do? Do you have to be special to do it?

Channeling energy as I said is easy and almost innate. It’s a divine right of ours to channel energy. And you can channel nearly any type of energy that you can desire or imagine. 

I remember once long ago, I used to go to a nightclub and would offer to channel energy into anyone of any “flavor” they wanted. Usually people asked for alertness, pleasure, love or something similar. One night a girl took my offer of “flavor” literally and asked to be channeled the energy of Dr Pepper. Yeah, kinda funny… But since I looooove Dr Pepper, I did so. She commented, “Mmmmmm... bubbly.” Hahahahaha

And anyone can do it. If you can visualize, you can do it. If you have trouble visualizing, it can still be done, but finding a way to express your will and intention to do so is tricky and personal until you find that method for you or you develop the skills to visualize.

What is channeling energy?

It’s the ability to summon energy and direct it to where you want it to go. It differs from other practices like Qigong and traditional energy gathering practices for magickal uses in that those methods tend to collect energy from the surrounding environment. Channeling energy involves you summoning energy from higher realms. The energy of the local environment is unaffected by this process. 

How is it done?

  1. Identify the target of where you want the energy to flow to. For someone just starting out, this can be done by lightly placing the hands on or over (“over” as in not touching) the problem area. 
  2. Visualize white light entering your crown chakra.
  3. Visualize this energy flowing down to your heart chakra. Here the energy is usually transmuted into what the person receiving the energy needs.
  4. Now visualize the energy flowing to your intended target area. If you have your hands on or over the person, the energy would likely be flowing through your arms to get there. 
  5. Continue this until you sense that it’s time to stop.

How is reiki performed?

Exactly the same way. There’s no difference here in the process. The difference is that you are limited to just using white light energy or having to have an attunement. Reiki officially is ONLY done after you have received an attunement and ONLY channels white light energy. Channeling energy of any type or color can be done without an attunement, it’s not strictly within the realm of reiki.

But isn’t an attunement needed? How can you learn to practice reiki if you don’t get an attunement?

The attunement is a bit of fluff for the mind. It’s a way of tricking yourself into believing you now have an ability to do something you didn’t think you could do before. It’s nothing more than a ritual that satisfies the human need to fulfill the equation of Me + X = New and Improved Me. 

Mikao Usui wasn’t attuned by anyone else. Sure, he had an experience and was able to perform reiki after that, but there was no one else there literally attuning him. If he didn’t need it, you don’t either.  Everyone that tells you that you have to have a reiki attunement to channel energy is trying to sell you something…. Usually the attunements. 

What about the reiki symbols?

The reiki symbols convey your intent for a certain process to happen. For instance the Cho Ku Rei symbol tends to be used to open energy channels (chinese meridians) and allow the energies to flow. Or the Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen is used to express the practitioner's intent to perform a healing from a distance. You can perform healing from a distance almost immediately. I wouldn’t recommend it for a little while until you have built up some confidence in channeling energy, but you could still do it. And really you don’t need the symbols. They are simply a tool to express your intention and a construct for you to have conviction in to reinforce the ability associated with the symbol being used.

What was this about breaking your attunements?

Immediately after my instructor did the attunements with me, I went back into the classroom and I did my massage practice sessions with my classmates. While massaging someone I tend to use a lot of Earth energy to relax the person, reserving white light and other types of energies for more problematic spots as it takes less effort/concentration to channel Earth energy. (Earth energy coming in through the elbows and exiting the hands is all that’s needed for Earth energy. White light needs to be drawn into the crown, down to the heart chakra to be transmuted into what’s needed and then flows out the hands.) As I am working on my classmate, I go to channel Earth into the classmate and get nothing. Nada. Zilch. Zero energy passing through me. It immediately dawns on me the part of the attunement process was a binding spell to prevent me from using “low frequency” energies. Yes, Earth energy is not as high-vibrational as white-light is, but it’s vital to any human being’s existence and does not harm the person in the least. As soon as I realized this, I imagined the binding as rings of energy restricting and binding me and then visualized breaking them. Then I could resume channeling Earth energy into my classmate. 

Is there any reason to get an attunement?

Of course there are.

  • You feel that you need the attunement in order to believe that you have the ability to channel energy because you don’t believe that you can do it otherwise.
  • You need that little piece of paper that says that you got an attunement from X person of X lineage.
  • Because you wanna be hip like the hot yoga chick you’re spending a lot of time with.

Just don’t spend a lot for a muffler that you already own, ok?

Do you have a gripe with reiki?

Kinda. Not with “reiki” per say, but the reiki movement. I get that a lot of people don’t know how things actually work and need that little trick of the mind to be able to do something that they didn’t believe they could or have the confidence to do. What I do have a problem with is those charging over a hundred dollars per attunement for about 15 minutes worth of work that really isn’t needed. It’s essentially a conjob with a spiritual guise.

What really annoys me is these people that claim to attune you to all these different energies and that it takes X hours or worse, X weeks to complete the attunements and that’s why you have to pay these hundreds of dollars to be attuned. There’s one individual that offers a “Shamanic Business Package,” among a massive selection of other attunements, that comes to mind. People like this evoke feelings associated with the snake-oil salesmen of old. I get that maybe in this person’s mind these attunements are vital and absolutely needed in order to do the work that this person does, but that doesn’t change the fact that the way this person pushes these attunements as the core of the person’s business model is scuzzy to me and I would think it would be to you too. 

In the end you need to do what it is that you feel the most comfortable with so that you can move forward down your path and unfold in your own spiritual development, and if that’s getting attunements, go for it. 

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