Alchemage (Alchemist + Mage), Healer, magick coach, educator on all things magick and metaphysics related, Starseed, generally awesome person. 

Monday, 18 May 2020 06:57

Magick Coaching

I am offering my services as what I call a magick-coach. I've been studying and practicing magick for about 20 years. I have been a healer and magick educator for many lifetimes. 

While I am more inclined to the philosophy of the Kybalion, I am very well grounded in the foundational roots of magick, (IE the core components for a successful practice of spiritual growth and spells) it is my personal belief that the magick that works best for you is what you resonate most with. Magick is extremely personal. Each person can practice magick a different way. I don't teach people spells, I teach people concepts and help them create their own spells. Most magick spells are based on intentions, symbolism and emotions. I simply help you create the spell that you need if that's what you need. We can discuss philosophy, ethics and various practices. 

I also teach healing techniques beyond just reiki/energy channeling and the use of crystals. I find that the best results occur when we leverage modern knowledge with our intentions and our understanding of the universe around us to effect change. 

I can't claim to know everything about everything, but I have a general knowledge on a lot of things. I also believe that personal empowerment is the most important thing to achieve and will do what I can to support my clients and students to become all that they can be. While I can do an energy clearing for you, I would rather help you do so on your own with some support from me. 

I also think that each person comes with their own beliefs, experiences and innate talents and those should be taken into account... So I try to help someone where they are. If that is at the first few steps onto their magickal path, awesome. If that's a few years into it, fantastic. 

It doesn't matter where someone is on their path. If they want help I will do my best to help them in the most ethical and informative way that I can. 

Anyone that is interested to start with me, I'm happy to do a free consultation to see if we might be a good fit for each other. Message me using the form below. 

And if we are a good fit, then a modest fee of $30 for an hour or slightly longer time would be acceptable. Please note that I don't claim to be a psychic, while I am intuitive, I'm not a psychic or a medium. My primary roles are educator and healer. 

I would like to share with you how to channel energy and give you the nitty-gritty of doing so, including Reiki. This article is my best attempt to explain the process and to breakdown reiki and it’s attunements so that you can proceed as you see fit.

Channeling energy is a very easy thing to do and anyone can do it with only a few minutes worth of training. It’s not hard and it takes nothing out of anyone to do. You can channel energy into a person, a place, an object or even an abstract problem. For the purposes of this article I will talk about channeling energy into a person to help heal a problem they are experiencing. 

Friday, 15 May 2020 12:18

Free Healing Sessions

For the time being I'm offering my services as a healer to the general public for free in a limited way.


  1. You don't hold me legally liable for any results. I'm not promising to save your life or cure you of anything. I am offering a few minutes of my time to ease your pain.
  2. Beyond the first session I would like any follow-up sessions to be short. Preferably under 15 minutes. Ideally 5 minutes or so.
  3. You intend to learn how to heal yourself so that you can generally become more self-reliant in this capacity.
Monday, 18 May 2020 00:09

Vision and Goals

Hello there! I want to warmly welcome you to HermeticLife. 

What is HermeticLife about? What is HermeticLife’s main goal?

Metaphysics, healing, magick, alchemy, the Kybalion, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and so much more. There are many goals I have that I want to bring to life in the world via this website, but at the core of it I want to share with you how the universe works metaphysically and how you can use that knowledge to your advantage and have greater control over your life.

How is HermeticLife going to do that?

I want to share with you how the universe works in a metaphysical way. There’s lots and lots of misinformation out there. I am going to do my very best to demystify it and help you understand why there is so much misinformation and how you can discern accurate information. 

Once you have a decent understanding of these things you can explore different paths and embark on a journey of finding the right one for you if you don’t already have one. 

Beyond that I will share with you tips, tricks, concepts and practices that help you achieve more in whatever you do and to stop what’s called “counter-manifesting.”

Who am “I?” 

Hath’akhm, I consider myself the Alchemage-In-Charge, healer, founder of the Advanced Hermetic Energy Healing Modality and teacher of various things. I hope to bring more people into the fold permanently along the way. Until then I’ll have guests supplement the content with their own unique perspectives. 

What are some of your other goals with HermeticLife?

Ideally I want to build a community of healers and magick practitioners that share the same methodologies and understanding of the universe so that we are all working from the same page in assisting in achieving various goals. Think of this as an international healing circle, only with a broader scope and a more dynamic range of skills than just channelling energy and praying for a certain outcome. 

Also I want to assist Starseeds in “waking up”, finding a magick system that works for them and moving forward on their paths to achieve their sacred objectives. 

Cool, but what’s this all going to cost?

That’s probably the hardest answer to give. A lot of the content here will be free. Actual training courses will only cost $50-$100 per course. And sessions with me or any other eventual gurus will be either free or cost depending on various factors. But we’re sincere about helping people no matter their financial involvement with HermeticLife; our free content will be more than just a nudge in the right direction with a link to some course content and promises of more to be revealed. I promise you that genuine and helpful content that is valuable and can help you will be found here and on the pages associated with HermeticLife. While there needs to be an equitable exchange of energy between parties, not all energy exchanges need to be financially driven. 

Friday, 15 May 2020 12:00


Hello there! Welcome to HermeticLife. I’m Hath’akhm. I’ve spent the last 20 years slowly working to the point where I am so that I can help people like you become more grounded in themselves and their innate and divinely magickal authority over their realities. You can find out more about me here. 

Services that I currently offer:

  • Magick Coach - Think life coach, but from a more magickal perspective. I don’t have all the answers, but I do have a lot of knowledge and skills that will help you find the right answers for you. And I will help resolve any emotional conflicts that you have. 
  • Online Courses - I’m working on a selection of courses ranging from a brief introduction to the Kybalion and then a more in depth course on the Kybalion. Then a few courses on energy healing. My courses are hosted on Thinkific’s platform at
  • Healing services - These are currently offered for free with some caveats. 

As time goes by, it is my intention to write helpful blog-style articles and create a pool of resources that people can rely on to help with their healing endeavors. You can find a few of the latest ones below. More information about my goals, vision and myself can be found in the Info section of the menu above.  


Saturday, 09 May 2020 21:52

How to practice Magick: Picking a path

We have all been there… At some point in our lives we have wanted to perform some magick and get a certain outcome. Some of us have wanted to do this more often than others, but we have all wanted to do it at one point or another. And yet in the beginning we do not. We do not know how to cast a spell. We do not know if we are doing it right. We can not tell the difference between widdershins and a besom. Or we do not know how to visualize. And we are not really sure what magick really is in the real world.

And the worst part of being so new to a practice, any kind of practice is that you do not know what you do not know and you do not know what you need to know. You do not know if you need a besom, a wand, a chalice, a pentacle or if you need to perform a banishing ritual before each spell or not. You do not know if you need to cast a circle, call the quarters and invoke a spirit. You do not know if you should call on Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Celtic or any number of other gods. You don’t know if you should be a solitary practitioner or seek out a coven to join. You just do not know.

Sunday, 10 May 2020 02:51

Magick use in daily life: Part 1

At some point a lot of us that have an interest in magick have to stop and deal with our personal ethics surrounding the use of magick. It is my hope that most of us are practicing magick in a safe and ethical way that is appropriate for the modern world. That said, there can still linger issues surrounding the ethical use of magick. For those of you not having to deal with this, good for you and I encourage you to keep at it. If you are experiencing this personal dilemma, I hope you will find this combination of rant and manifesto - albeit a short one - helpful in persuading you and/or giving you permission to utilize magick as often as you can and performing other practices to empower yourself.

We are raised in a world where we are taught overtly and covertly to be good, to not cheat and to play honestly and fairly. You are told this as a social control mechanism. If everyone was encouraged to do whatever they wanted, complete anarchy would ensue. I think we all know this and understand this to be true.

Sunday, 10 May 2020 02:48

Duality - WTF is it?

Duality. What is it? What does it mean? What are others talking about when they speak of duality. If you’re new to studying metaphysics or maybe even if you have been around for a while you aren’t entirely sure what other people mean by duality.

Sometimes just when you think you know what duality is, someone talks about it in a way that defies your understanding of the word. There are three very different ideas that people rally behind when they speak of duality. And to make matters worse, sometimes people don’t clarify which meaning they intended to use.

Sunday, 10 May 2020 02:23

About Hath

I’m Hath`akhm. Please call me Hath. I’m your host and the resident-guru-in-charge around these parts…Maybe that will change. Only time will tell. But this is my little corner of the web where I intend to express myself in a fashion that I think and hope will ultimately be helpful to everyone that can appreciate my intention and my message.

I suppose you’re wondering who I am… And that’s a fair question, thank you for thinking that. Yeah, I’m kinda psychic like that. ;) I’m a person living on this little blue marble floating in space whipping annually around a celestial orb named Sol that rotates in the radial arm of a galaxy we all like to call the Milky Way. Really, I can’t call myself too special… and yet I can.

Here’s a brief synopsis of my more mundane history. I spent my young adult life as a techie working in the IT industry, but from the very beginning I had an interest in all things relating to magick. I was introduced to paganality very early on and liked it, but didn’t find a path that felt right for me for a while. All the same, I studied everything I could get my hands on… Somewhere along the way I developed an interest in Hypnosis, which eventually branched into an interest of all things psychology related. I had chronic major depression and read tons of self-help books. As I studied everything that I became interested in, I began to see some coherent themes and unity between various things… I even was inspired to create a healing method. Eventually I ended up as a Jack-of-All-Trades type of person. Healer. Mage. Alchemist. Social Worker (in training). Master Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner. Jeweler. And other things… A general generalist on generally everything, generally speaking.

What’s that? You wanna know my less mundane history? Well… Wouldn’t you LIKE to know? Hehehe. You’ll just have to read this site and my blog posts to know what I reveal over time. ;)

I see that thought forming back there… and now is as good a time to answer it as any… What is this website all about? Good question. Kinda hard to answer, because it’s kinda large in scope for a reply. There’s a few goals here. And I’ll list them as best as I can here.

  • To help you learn to manifest changes and experiences.
  • To help you unlock your psychic abilities.
  • To help you connect with your higherself.
  • To help you heal any latent issues that are interfering with your life and your ability to enjoy it in full depth and breadth.
  • To help you see the interconnection between science and metaphysics.
  • To help you learn new ways of performing magick.
  • To help inspire you to be the best you that you can be.

Eventually I want to build a metaphorical army of healers to reach out and heal others as a way to help everyone that is accepting and in need of the help.

In short, I want to help you unlock your inner mage-healer, or as I like to say alchemage (al-CHEM-mage) to become more proficient at manifesting the life you want and to help heal others in need.

Here’s what I won’t outright and directly help you do:

  • Curse a person.
  • Make a pact with an entity.
  • Cast a spell on a person for only your own personal gain.
  • In general I won’t help you be a slimy lowlife.

Infact all of these items are heretical to my message. You might find my information helpful in doing that, much like if I were to provide you with a kitchen knife to help cook dinner, if you choose to do something more nefarious, that’s on you, not me. Information is meant to be free, but responsibility is a personal thing each of us are in charge of. There are plenty of other websites and other sources of information out there that will help you achieve that kind of thing. I just want “good karma” here.

Whew, after reading all of that, you deserve a cookie… go check your cookie jar to see if I manifested one for you. ;D

I’d very much appreciate you returning for more content here and following me on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Yes, I do the interweb social thingies, just for you.

Sunday, 10 May 2020 00:33

Healing Modalities Employed

As a healer I employ a wide variety of healing methods and modalities. Frequently I use them in conjunction to achieve a greater effect. While I would much rather teach a person how to heal themselves and others, sometimes work needs to be done right now. Maybe we can't focus enough, we're in too much pain. All of these can be performed in person or remotely, depending on the situation.

These include but are not limited to:

  1. Energy Transmutation
    Taking the negative energy present and transmuting it into a neutral energy so that it's not causing trouble anymore.
  2. Foreign Energy Removal
    Frequently in our day-to-day activities others around us subconsciously or even consciously attack us energetically. The most common form of this is an energy ball that is lobbed from them and becomes stuck in our energy fields and as it is intended to cause us suffering, it negatively affects us. Removal once identified is usually pretty easy to achieve.
  3. Reiki/Energy Channeling
    Energy Channeling is just that, channeling spiritual energies into the body to restore, heal and energize. Reiki is an energy channeling practice, but it focuses specifically on White Light being channeled. Frequently we need more than just white light energy. Instead we need a concentrated type of energy. White light is made up of all the colors, but that also means that each color makes up only a small part of the entire energy being channeled. Therefore energy channeling adaptability is needed.
  4. Energy Meridian Clearing and Stimulation
    Most people know about acupressure and the energy meridian systems it affects. This is basically acupuncture/acupressure done purely energetically.
  5. Healing Energy Thought-Forms
    Sometimes a spiritual construct (think astral object) needs to be created that can constantly radiate a certain energy or transmute a certain energy that the body and spirit needs. 
  6. Servitors - Custom Created and/or Fully Sentient
    These are artificially created beings that can perform a multitude of functions. They can be simple or complex. They can be as wide ranging in complexity as a computer program. Sometimes they need to be fully sentient beings that are infinitely adaptable to help out in the greatest way.
  7. Body Systems Balancing
    Our bodies are amazing. They are a collection of interdependent systems. And sometimes these systems go out of balance and cause issues with the entire body. With a little effort, these can be brought back into alignment.
  8. Tone Healing
    On occasion the body needs to be saturated in energy not only spiritually but physically too.  One of the most effective ways to do this is to use sounds to bathe the body in energy physically along with spiritual/energetically.
  9. Sacred Script warding
    A very simple and quick way to stimulate healing is to "write" your intention over the spot that is in need of healing. Certain fonts/scripts are sacred and are capable of causing our intentions to become manifest.
  10. Ho`oponopono
    This is a Hawaiian based ritual that started out as a social rite to reconcile people in Hawaiian society. Since the 1990s it has been adapted to address internal wounds and heal them. I spent several years working with the person that taught this ritual to me to the point that I have enhanced and expanded the original ritual into a more powerful and deeper process when and where needed. Sometimes you need a hand trowel and sometimes you need a backhoe. What I call the Hermetic Ho`oponopono is definitely a backhoe.
  11. Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
    This is a huge umbrella of things, from emotional conflict resolution to "modeling." This is a skillset that is beyond the scope of this document, but in a nutshell it is a collection of skills that are employed to help a person become a better version of themselves.
  12. Cord Cutting
    Whenever we make a serious emotional/spiritual connection with someone, a "cord" or energetic link is created between them and ourselves automatically. This cord is the means by which we transfer energy and connect with each other. When a relationship sours or ends it can be necessary to terminate this connection, least we lose energy to the other person and/or vulnerable to energy attacks from them. 
  13. Spiritual Parasite Removal
    Lower level spiritual entities are not always helpful. In fact some are potentially downright toxic. When this happens, getting the entity to leave and not come back can be a very tricky thing. I spent over a decade with a spiritual energy leech type of entity attached to me. Even though I did not feed it in the way that it wanted for at least a decade it remained present, feeding off of me and causing me problems.  
  14. Home Cleansing and Shielding
    Our home environment is the second most important energetic environment. It's where we let our guards down and expect to relax and recharge ourselves on a daily basis. (The human body being the first and our work environments being the third.) Which means that without erecting sufficient protection and cleaning mechanisms, negative energies can easily enter our homes and affect us. 

The above are most of the skills that I use in helping someone heal. To me, they all use about the same amount of energy but different amounts of time to perform. Most are easily completed in just a few minutes. Because of this I don't charge anything extra to use any of these modalities, I'm more concerned that my time (the only thing that I am limited on) is compensated for. I round to the nearest 15 minutes.