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About Hath

I’m Hath`akhm. Please call me Hath. I’m your host and the resident-guru-in-charge around these parts…Maybe that will change. Only time will tell. But this is my little corner of the web where I intend to express myself in a fashion that I think and hope will ultimately be helpful to everyone that can appreciate my intention and my message.

I suppose you’re wondering who I am… And that’s a fair question, thank you for thinking that. Yeah, I’m kinda psychic like that. ;) I’m a person living on this little blue marble floating in space whipping annually around a celestial orb named Sol that rotates in the radial arm of a galaxy we all like to call the Milky Way. Really, I can’t call myself too special… and yet I can.

Here’s a brief synopsis of my more mundane history. I spent my young adult life as a techie working in the IT industry, but from the very beginning I had an interest in all things relating to magick. I was introduced to paganality very early on and liked it, but didn’t find a path that felt right for me for a while. All the same, I studied everything I could get my hands on… Somewhere along the way I developed an interest in Hypnosis, which eventually branched into an interest of all things psychology related. I had chronic major depression and read tons of self-help books. As I studied everything that I became interested in, I began to see some coherent themes and unity between various things… I even was inspired to create a healing method. Eventually I ended up as a Jack-of-All-Trades type of person. Healer. Mage. Alchemist. Social Worker (in training). Master Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner. Jeweler. And other things… A general generalist on generally everything, generally speaking.

What’s that? You wanna know my less mundane history? Well… Wouldn’t you LIKE to know? Hehehe. You’ll just have to read this site and my blog posts to know what I reveal over time. ;)

I see that thought forming back there… and now is as good a time to answer it as any… What is this website all about? Good question. Kinda hard to answer, because it’s kinda large in scope for a reply. There’s a few goals here. And I’ll list them as best as I can here.

  • To help you learn to manifest changes and experiences.
  • To help you unlock your psychic abilities.
  • To help you connect with your higherself.
  • To help you heal any latent issues that are interfering with your life and your ability to enjoy it in full depth and breadth.
  • To help you see the interconnection between science and metaphysics.
  • To help you learn new ways of performing magick.
  • To help inspire you to be the best you that you can be.

Eventually I want to build a metaphorical army of healers to reach out and heal others as a way to help everyone that is accepting and in need of the help.

In short, I want to help you unlock your inner mage-healer, or as I like to say alchemage (al-CHEM-mage) to become more proficient at manifesting the life you want and to help heal others in need.

Here’s what I won’t outright and directly help you do:

  • Curse a person.
  • Make a pact with an entity.
  • Cast a spell on a person for only your own personal gain.
  • In general I won’t help you be a slimy lowlife.

Infact all of these items are heretical to my message. You might find my information helpful in doing that, much like if I were to provide you with a kitchen knife to help cook dinner, if you choose to do something more nefarious, that’s on you, not me. Information is meant to be free, but responsibility is a personal thing each of us are in charge of. There are plenty of other websites and other sources of information out there that will help you achieve that kind of thing. I just want “good karma” here.

Whew, after reading all of that, you deserve a cookie… go check your cookie jar to see if I manifested one for you. ;D

I’d very much appreciate you returning for more content here and following me on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Yes, I do the interweb social thingies, just for you.

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Alchemage (Alchemist + Mage), Healer, magick coach, educator on all things magick and metaphysics related, Starseed, generally awesome person. 

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