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Vision and Goals

Hello there! I want to warmly welcome you to HermeticLife. 

What is HermeticLife about? What is HermeticLife’s main goal?

Metaphysics, healing, magick, alchemy, the Kybalion, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and so much more. There are many goals I have that I want to bring to life in the world via this website, but at the core of it I want to share with you how the universe works metaphysically and how you can use that knowledge to your advantage and have greater control over your life.

How is HermeticLife going to do that?

I want to share with you how the universe works in a metaphysical way. There’s lots and lots of misinformation out there. I am going to do my very best to demystify it and help you understand why there is so much misinformation and how you can discern accurate information. 

Once you have a decent understanding of these things you can explore different paths and embark on a journey of finding the right one for you if you don’t already have one. 

Beyond that I will share with you tips, tricks, concepts and practices that help you achieve more in whatever you do and to stop what’s called “counter-manifesting.”

Who am “I?” 

Hath’akhm, I consider myself the Alchemage-In-Charge, healer, founder of the Advanced Hermetic Energy Healing Modality and teacher of various things. I hope to bring more people into the fold permanently along the way. Until then I’ll have guests supplement the content with their own unique perspectives. 

What are some of your other goals with HermeticLife?

Ideally I want to build a community of healers and magick practitioners that share the same methodologies and understanding of the universe so that we are all working from the same page in assisting in achieving various goals. Think of this as an international healing circle, only with a broader scope and a more dynamic range of skills than just channelling energy and praying for a certain outcome. 

Also I want to assist Starseeds in “waking up”, finding a magick system that works for them and moving forward on their paths to achieve their sacred objectives. 

Cool, but what’s this all going to cost?

That’s probably the hardest answer to give. A lot of the content here will be free. Actual training courses will only cost $50-$100 per course. And sessions with me or any other eventual gurus will be either free or cost depending on various factors. But we’re sincere about helping people no matter their financial involvement with HermeticLife; our free content will be more than just a nudge in the right direction with a link to some course content and promises of more to be revealed. I promise you that genuine and helpful content that is valuable and can help you will be found here and on the pages associated with HermeticLife. While there needs to be an equitable exchange of energy between parties, not all energy exchanges need to be financially driven. 

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Alchemage (Alchemist + Mage), Healer, magick coach, educator on all things magick and metaphysics related, Starseed, generally awesome person. 

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