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Saturday, 09 May 2020 21:52

How to practice Magick: Picking a path

We have all been there… At some point in our lives we have wanted to perform some magick and get a certain outcome. Some of us have wanted to do this more often than others, but we have all wanted to do it at one point or another. And yet in the beginning we do not. We do not know how to cast a spell. We do not know if we are doing it right. We can not tell the difference between widdershins and a besom. Or we do not know how to visualize. And we are not really sure what magick really is in the real world.

And the worst part of being so new to a practice, any kind of practice is that you do not know what you do not know and you do not know what you need to know. You do not know if you need a besom, a wand, a chalice, a pentacle or if you need to perform a banishing ritual before each spell or not. You do not know if you need to cast a circle, call the quarters and invoke a spirit. You do not know if you should call on Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Celtic or any number of other gods. You don’t know if you should be a solitary practitioner or seek out a coven to join. You just do not know.

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