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Sunday, 10 May 2020 00:33

Healing Modalities Employed

As a healer I employ a wide variety of healing methods and modalities. Frequently I use them in conjunction to achieve a greater effect. While I would much rather teach a person how to heal themselves and others, sometimes work needs to be done right now. Maybe we can't focus enough, we're in too much pain. All of these can be performed in person or remotely, depending on the situation.

These include but are not limited to:

  1. Energy Transmutation
    Taking the negative energy present and transmuting it into a neutral energy so that it's not causing trouble anymore.
  2. Foreign Energy Removal
    Frequently in our day-to-day activities others around us subconsciously or even consciously attack us energetically. The most common form of this is an energy ball that is lobbed from them and becomes stuck in our energy fields and as it is intended to cause us suffering, it negatively affects us. Removal once identified is usually pretty easy to achieve.
  3. Reiki/Energy Channeling
    Energy Channeling is just that, channeling spiritual energies into the body to restore, heal and energize. Reiki is an energy channeling practice, but it focuses specifically on White Light being channeled. Frequently we need more than just white light energy. Instead we need a concentrated type of energy. White light is made up of all the colors, but that also means that each color makes up only a small part of the entire energy being channeled. Therefore energy channeling adaptability is needed.
  4. Energy Meridian Clearing and Stimulation
    Most people know about acupressure and the energy meridian systems it affects. This is basically acupuncture/acupressure done purely energetically.
  5. Healing Energy Thought-Forms
    Sometimes a spiritual construct (think astral object) needs to be created that can constantly radiate a certain energy or transmute a certain energy that the body and spirit needs. 
  6. Servitors - Custom Created and/or Fully Sentient
    These are artificially created beings that can perform a multitude of functions. They can be simple or complex. They can be as wide ranging in complexity as a computer program. Sometimes they need to be fully sentient beings that are infinitely adaptable to help out in the greatest way.
  7. Body Systems Balancing
    Our bodies are amazing. They are a collection of interdependent systems. And sometimes these systems go out of balance and cause issues with the entire body. With a little effort, these can be brought back into alignment.
  8. Tone Healing
    On occasion the body needs to be saturated in energy not only spiritually but physically too.  One of the most effective ways to do this is to use sounds to bathe the body in energy physically along with spiritual/energetically.
  9. Sacred Script warding
    A very simple and quick way to stimulate healing is to "write" your intention over the spot that is in need of healing. Certain fonts/scripts are sacred and are capable of causing our intentions to become manifest.
  10. Ho`oponopono
    This is a Hawaiian based ritual that started out as a social rite to reconcile people in Hawaiian society. Since the 1990s it has been adapted to address internal wounds and heal them. I spent several years working with the person that taught this ritual to me to the point that I have enhanced and expanded the original ritual into a more powerful and deeper process when and where needed. Sometimes you need a hand trowel and sometimes you need a backhoe. What I call the Hermetic Ho`oponopono is definitely a backhoe.
  11. Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
    This is a huge umbrella of things, from emotional conflict resolution to "modeling." This is a skillset that is beyond the scope of this document, but in a nutshell it is a collection of skills that are employed to help a person become a better version of themselves.
  12. Cord Cutting
    Whenever we make a serious emotional/spiritual connection with someone, a "cord" or energetic link is created between them and ourselves automatically. This cord is the means by which we transfer energy and connect with each other. When a relationship sours or ends it can be necessary to terminate this connection, least we lose energy to the other person and/or vulnerable to energy attacks from them. 
  13. Spiritual Parasite Removal
    Lower level spiritual entities are not always helpful. In fact some are potentially downright toxic. When this happens, getting the entity to leave and not come back can be a very tricky thing. I spent over a decade with a spiritual energy leech type of entity attached to me. Even though I did not feed it in the way that it wanted for at least a decade it remained present, feeding off of me and causing me problems.  
  14. Home Cleansing and Shielding
    Our home environment is the second most important energetic environment. It's where we let our guards down and expect to relax and recharge ourselves on a daily basis. (The human body being the first and our work environments being the third.) Which means that without erecting sufficient protection and cleaning mechanisms, negative energies can easily enter our homes and affect us. 

The above are most of the skills that I use in helping someone heal. To me, they all use about the same amount of energy but different amounts of time to perform. Most are easily completed in just a few minutes. Because of this I don't charge anything extra to use any of these modalities, I'm more concerned that my time (the only thing that I am limited on) is compensated for. I round to the nearest 15 minutes. 


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