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Hi, I’m Hath. 

Are you looking for help with your spiritual and magickal endeavors? Do you have magickal goals that you aren’t sure how to achieve? Do you need someone to help you find your own path? Are you maybe stuck on your path and uncertain how to move forward? Do you need help resolving inner conflicts related to your path?

I would like to help. I’ve spent over the past twenty years studying magick and metaphysics. I’ve been a healer for many lifetimes, and have been one in this lifetime since my teens. And I spent 5 years studying with a Master NLP practitioner and several years studying as many things as possible related to psychology and all things consciousness related. I have a large pool of knowledge over a multitude of subjects to be able to help people with many of life’s problems both in the physical world and in the metaphysical world. 

My passions include learning everything I can about metaphysics and healing. A core tenet of my spiritual practice is helping people.  Leveraging these aspects of myself, I’d really like to help you grow and achieve your dreams. Consider me your life-coach for magick, spirituality and metaphysics. Let me help you learn new things, help you see new perspectives, help you grow past your boundaries. It would be my honor to help you evolve.

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