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Magick Coaching

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I am offering my services as what I call a magick-coach. I've been studying and practicing magick for about 20 years. I have been a healer and magick educator for many lifetimes. 

While I am more inclined to the philosophy of the Kybalion, I am very well grounded in the foundational roots of magick, (IE the core components for a successful practice of spiritual growth and spells) it is my personal belief that the magick that works best for you is what you resonate most with. Magick is extremely personal. Each person can practice magick a different way. I don't teach people spells, I teach people concepts and help them create their own spells. Most magick spells are based on intentions, symbolism and emotions. I simply help you create the spell that you need if that's what you need. We can discuss philosophy, ethics and various practices. 

I also teach healing techniques beyond just reiki/energy channeling and the use of crystals. I find that the best results occur when we leverage modern knowledge with our intentions and our understanding of the universe around us to effect change. 

I can't claim to know everything about everything, but I have a general knowledge on a lot of things. I also believe that personal empowerment is the most important thing to achieve and will do what I can to support my clients and students to become all that they can be. While I can do an energy clearing for you, I would rather help you do so on your own with some support from me. 

I also think that each person comes with their own beliefs, experiences and innate talents and those should be taken into account... So I try to help someone where they are. If that is at the first few steps onto their magickal path, awesome. If that's a few years into it, fantastic. 

It doesn't matter where someone is on their path. If they want help I will do my best to help them in the most ethical and informative way that I can. 

Anyone that is interested to start with me, I'm happy to do a free consultation to see if we might be a good fit for each other. Message me using the form below. 

And if we are a good fit, then a modest fee of $30 for an hour or slightly longer time would be acceptable. Please note that I don't claim to be a psychic, while I am intuitive, I'm not a psychic or a medium. My primary roles are educator and healer. 

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Alchemage (Alchemist + Mage), Healer, magick coach, educator on all things magick and metaphysics related, Starseed, generally awesome person. 

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